About us

The Wash House Garden was borne out of a desire to feel a sense of mutual support and solidarity in a society in which communities have been decimated across the generations, and to grow and eat delicious food that nourished body and soul, soil and planet in spite of our globalised, environmentally damaging, and frankly bland modern food system. Faced with these at times overwhelming issues, and in the hope of inspiring ripples of change, here in Glasgow’s East End we are taking a small step in the direction we would like to see our society, environment and economy move in.


So, with belly-driven, nature-revering, people-loving passion, we decided to grow and eat sustainable, delicious food as a community, and to share our knowledge wherever possible. While we don’t expect this to change the world, hopefully it can inspire others to eat more locally, grow their own food, and even start similar projects.

The Team

Max Johnson

Max is the Founder and Co-Director of The Wash House Garden. He is a longtime veg grower, foodie and nature geek who was initially inspired by following his belly until he realised home-grown food is the best thing ever. He brings this passion, twinned with a reverent and practical engagement with nature, to The Wash House Garden, whether that be growing organic fruit and veg, weaving wreaths and baskets, or facilitating workshops.

Following a Masters in Sustainable Development, Max has had an informal education when it comes to food, learning on the job as Cranhill Community Gardens’ Community Food Programme Co-ordinator for 3 years, and volunteering on farms in Spain, the USA and México. He is largely a self-taught basket-maker, although he has recently benefited hugely from tuition with the wonderful Anna Liebman.

Kim Moore

Kim is a Co-director, sessional gardener and outreach worker for the Wash House. Feeding people is one of her favourite things, so working as a market gardener was inevitable. Nurture, care and listening is at the heart of her work which intersects across working as a musician, doula and gardener.

Kim also runs a gardening project for Amma Birth Companions.

Luna Amanita

Luna joined the Wash House Garden as a co-director, Vegbox coordinator and gardener in 2022, after volunteering at the garden for a year first and finding lots of meaning and community there. She loves to get her hands dirty and to spend time outside working with the natural world through growing veg, mushroom foraging, hiking and woodworking. Luna has a background in social care and has studied Counselling. Longterm, she is keen to combine her interest in counselling and mental health with growing and working outdoors.

Jac Reichel

Jac is a keen bean when it comes to local and community food organising. They joined the Wash House Garden as a co-director and gardener in 2022. Jac has worked in community and market gardens since 2016 and has studied horticulture both at Plumpton Agricultural College in Brighton and at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. They love to combine their passion for plants and the natural world with their hopes and dreams of building a better world, and have found their calling in growing food and organising for a better food system.

Collaborators & Funders

Glasgow Community Food Network:

Based on years of collaborative action in Glasgow and beyond, the Food & Climate Action project aims to work alongside local communities to co-create a more resilient food system that is fairer and kinder to both people and the planet.

GCFN are a massive support for us, helping with funding (for example for our bee school), co-delivery of workshops and general advice and support.

Possibilities for Each and Every Kid (PEEK) and AMMA Birth Companions:
We are working with PEEK and AMMA to run weekly Gardening and Wellbeing Sessions for AMMA’s service users.
The National Lottery Community Fund – Awards For All:
We are receiving generous support from the National Lottery to help us run our free community activities, such as regular volunteer sessions and events.
Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector
GCVS is supporting us through their Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund to run our free community activties, particularly our regular volunteer sessions.
Dear Green Coffee:
 Established in 2011, Dear Green Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster and supplier of exclusively ‘speciality’ grade coffee beans. They pride themselves in sourcing and roasting only the highest quality of specialty grade coffee, and carry an ethical and social conscience in every element of our output. For every bag of their Dear Green City Blend coffee sold, 50p goes to us! You can buy it here.